Sunday, 17 July 2011

hot and talented? WHICH DO YOU PREFER???

have you ever think that sometimes you don't want to live for a reasons???
i do... you know i just getting lame with all stuff i got to face sometimes i feel like this world is just not fair repeated NOT FAIR!!!!! because as you always see in daily life who got the most attention? celebrity right????? and sometimes they are just getting annoying when fate sides them... duh! you don't have to be so boasty! why can't a normal persons full of hidden talent can't be as hot and as wanted as them?why? because you never see them in the television? is it? or is it they didn't look as preety as the celebrity? huh! put your head in the loo if you think like this! for me a person with talented things are hotter than beautiful persons.... beautiful persons didn't work to get their preetiness they just got them from their parents while a not preety person could be more than that! well.... you guys just didn't give them the chances  when you give them evil eyes and the blah blah! and the worst thing paranoid feeling... so i hope in this post you just understand the main thing i wanna tell you here compare the best and the rest you'll know later....

Friday, 24 June 2011


you know i kind of just transferred to a new school AGAIN...and i just can't stop thinking about what they've given me as a leaving gift... i know i am wrong to be paranoid about them at first but.... i realise it now that my boarding school friends was the best thing that ever been mine... and all the memories including the bad one (i don't think i have a good memories defeating bad memories somehow.... hhaha this is when a nothing girl talking... i just at last feeling home... but i can't deny i am sad to leave them when they cry for me in ss6 haha... my heaven at that time... :p for my lovely mates THERE'S NOTHING THAT COULD MAKE ME FORGET YOU...AND WHAT YOU KNOW ME AS MYSELF IS NEVER GONNA CHANGE IF IT DIDN'T REQUIRED SO.... thanks for everything best mates!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 3 June 2011

can we pretend everything?

can we pretend everything the way that we wanted? can we? lameo! that is just for a daydreamer like me! nah! if you want to join to be a daydreamer come inside my blog and dream it's free... being daydreamer actually helps us... a down person like me cheers up with a dream, even i know that it is so not going to happen but when you dream and feel it deeps you will find out you already build a big castle full of things you ever wanted! like me i keep dreaming being the-only-girl-vocallist in a band and i am in my castle but not reality that's why i hate to be back in reality everytime my name was called... how stupid was my dream but it suceed in making me smile right? then what about the "logic" reality? did they make us smile???? sometimes and it will turn out to be a simply shit... sorry i can't stop my fingers from writing logically this time.... i just wanna play music...that's all but i can't you see in the reality thing as simple as being a vocalist could be a hard thing!!!!!!!! that's why i think daydreamer should be me let me think i am a vocalist although it is sooooo not true........ i just wanna sing and let people admire me for my music...with my boyfriends as the guitarist drummer and bla bla bla.... ;lame? if you think so get your hell out of this post and bring your face away from the screen... for the one who thinks im right i think you were so right : ngeee...... bye hola! see you next post :p 

she- me

don't look at her
don't think you are under
you guys a different one
don't dream to be the one
she might be first
you know one thing you cannot tease
let her be happy
and make you feel lonely
it's her fate to be lucky
but god not saying you have nobody
open your eyes and say what you want to be
and bring it to your daydream....

a hidden confession

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

the songs.....


we have a common!

hey kate perry!
we have a common habit: to not love a person haha!
yeah hear her new song? i repeat it again and again! you know i've been in love in a robot haha.... god this was a not coincidence when kate perry loves alien nah! this is just a temporary love until we were fated with a normal human..... it was fun to be in love with something which does not exist....
yeah im weird!
sonny: your touch magnetizing (so don't touch me) hahaha! still love ya!...... im loyal :p need not to worry about my love to you ngeeee.....!!^^

don't read this if you are happy person

boarding school?
what do you think......
-it's dumb?
-no way?
believe me i am feeling what you feel and honestly if im staying at that place for too long im going to lose myself somehow
i need nobody to tell me about it advantages and disadvantages now cause i already know right?
well at least i already have an experience didn't i and im proud about it
don't tell me "you proud?"
im going to answer "go to hell yo bitca!" easy huh?
im not telling you to be rude,,,, but im extremely telling you that:
every badness have it's kindness don't they?
they do.....
i've exprienced it myself...
-you will feel the family in you
-you are going to appreciated your friend until people call you lesbian (some people didn't understand :p)
-you are going to feel the love
-gossip like the main talk (not all people love to do that
-you will see so many type of people that you'll never regret
hahaha don't ask me what i feel
im okay with it.... it's just you know everybody prefer being in their own nest... so do me... and if i could i would choose for not staying in the boarding school for too long without my mummy infront of me never!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

broken hearted daydreamer-me

before you were fated with her....
i stand there waiting you all of these years
even thought i know you are just to far...
but who can tell what fate brings us on this year
and i know i have been dumped
when god tell you she's new but she's yours
and im old and i don't belong with you...
how i wanted to scream
to slap you on your wedding that day
but i know i can't because she was much more than me
and she cannot be blamed in these
so goodbye my prince
enjoy your trip to a happiness
well let me settled down with my sadness
but god, i need one thing before i go
let he read this and know
all these year i've been waiting for him
and how i can't stop loving him

last letter for my prince charming...

Saturday, 16 April 2011

my concert

wuhuuuu.... again nak berangan nieh... hahaha ok,,, kalau saya jadi penyanyi band... apa yang saya nak buat perihal konsert saya? waaaahhhh saya mesti ada dataran sendiri di setiap tempat kiranya kalau artis lain nak buat konsert kat situ kena minta kebenaran kitaorang dululah... tempat tueh memang besar dan lighting dia memang cantik macam2 warna and then ada satu stage yang sangat besar dan ada sambungan sampai ke setiap penjuru dataran tersebut kiranya sambil nyanyi tu boleh jalan2 sampai kat orang belakang sekali! pastu kat bumbung dataran tersebut ada yang macam air yang kalau terbakar dia keluarkan air tu kiranya kalau orang datang kat situ dia kenalah bersedia sebab sepanjang konsert tu saya dan hadirin yang datang ke konsert tu akan basah kuyup haha.... and setiap orang yang masuk tu bila nak balik akan dapat sorang satu poster band and siap ada tandatangan sekali kira worth it la jugak kan? saya rasa sampai sini sahajalah angan2 saya perihal konsert saya :) tak slah kan kalau kita berangan?

sori ayat beterabur (daydreamer tak kira ayat)

Friday, 15 April 2011


harini ialah last day saya kat skool tak sangka ada juga kawan2 yang bagi saya hadiah ( yang lain saya tak maksud tak baik ya korang cuma tak tahu) macam contohnya aqilah bagi saya teddybear tu... comel kan? and ayuni bagi saya charm bracelet yang saya pakai tu siap ada meaning tau! tak sangka diorang begitu menghargai saya :) korang doakan saya dapat kawan yang baik cam korang ya... tak dapt nak gambarkan betapa sedihnya hati saya nak tinggalkan korang suma tapi saya tak boleh buat apa2 apa2 korang boleh contact saya kat fb ye :) bye

again bye prince charming ;(

it is the only word that i can say to you
for all this time i've been watching you as my part time job but i am an expert cause nobody caught me doing that...
for a long time i've been daydreaming about many things with you but of course im an expert because i cried when i done that alone.....
for every second i've been thinking about you at any places im an expert because people watch me as i was looking at the road
for everything i imagine that we shared i am an expert again because i never let people touch it bye saying that thing had been broken and no one ever touch that
a daydreamer is forever a daydreamer
bye my prince fly away and dont turn back....

Friday, 8 April 2011


PARAMORE you rocks
             MAMA I love you....
ABI kakak rindu abi....
                          ADIK sayang ni....
MY PRINCE CHARMING i'll be with you like forever
                SINGING CARRIER oh no you are not going to be thrown
                                                     SCIENTIST yeah ...i am going to be you
MY FAMILY i don't wanna let go of this hug
                          MY BOYFRIEND my book.... my laptop... my only sneakers
MY WORLD HEAVEN my room.... i don't wanna leave you
                                   MY FRIENDS you guys are fucking rock and fun :)
and i know these are not daydreams :)
i love you all that ever have been part of me even if i forgotten....

Friday, 18 March 2011


my fav human on earth
actually there in so many people... such as the human that breathe in 2RK1... don't be silly! there are in the whole school that was so many that i can't even vomit their name outta here... guys you know i love you when i smile at you... <3 but don't be jealous of these people smiling at the camera they are just being lucky because they have a picture with me... that's why they are being on the center of the earth! okay... they are so many human that give me some reason to lives such as my momma my father. but here on this very post im telling you about humans called friends... i love you human on picture... i love you rasidnie....farah....aqilah....hazirah...ayuni...lydiea...najiha....shahirah...anis syahira....sari...suria...qoma...nisa...syazleen!... and so many more.... sorry if i've left out the one who loves me.... i am going to tell you i love you personally okayh? good to tell that i admire you guys as my guidance at school... thanks for the very support... honestly... i've never found a friends like you guys never even in primary school... you guys show me what friendship is and you guys make me feel that i am being need by everyone... only god knows how to repay :)

Monday, 14 March 2011

i robot

nama dia sonny
dia pelik tapi baik
dia handsome!!!!!!!! tak nampak ka?
saya cintakan dia sepenuh hati
our baby is half human and half robot (i prefer his body to robot better than head)
hey sonny if u read this

Sunday, 13 March 2011

dreaming on world

best tak kalau dunia ni semua benda baik takda yang buruk
takda jenayah takda benci-membenci, takda kutuk mengutuk
dan.... kita boleh buat apa sahaja yang kita suka kecuali kejahatan contoh kalau dia  buat kejahatan
BOOM! terus mati! kan best? hidup mesti aman pastu dalam dunia ni takda istilah cantik atau buruk
kalau nak pilih pasangan berdasarkan perangai kalau macamtu mesti semua orang kahwin sebab
semua orang baik
pastu dalam dunia ni kita boleh pergi sekolah untuk 12 jam di mana
6 jam untuk belajar dan 6 jam lagi untuk main dengan kawan2
lagi best kalau dalam dunia ni orang tak peduli apa orang lain nak buat
pendek kata tak menyibuk laaa....
kalau camtu saya boleh buat headbanging sesukahati nyanyi kuat2
pastu orang luar negara takkan seludup kat sini sebab kita semua akan buat baik jee....
dunia yang takpayah pakai duit kita cari bahan mentah dia pastu kumpul ramai2 buat sama2 dengan orang yang nakkan benda tu juga.... kan dapat buat exercise tu?
takda sakit.... takda nangis....takda malas
pastu kita asik beribadat je........ dan 24 jam ingat allah bila dah sampai masa terus masuk syurga

Sunday, 6 March 2011

my bestie

pertama sekali sori sebab gamba terbalik....
kedua ni kawan2 sye memperkenalakn anis dan asyura <3
ketiga saya sayang diorang sangat2
keempat diorang antara kawan yang saya tak pernah jumpa sebelum ni
kelima asyura saya rindu awak!
keenam diorang suka dengar saya nyanyi
ketujuh asyura ialah pelajar tarian india saya
kelapan anis ialah tempat saya simpan rahsia

akhir sekali saya sayang diorang moga kita berkekalan ya!

my princess

ni adik saya alya...
-saya sayang dia sangat2
-saya rindu dia
-dia selalu beralah untuk saya
-dia selalu ada hadiah untuk saya pada setiap occassion
-dia banyak puji saya
-dia comel <3
-dia rajin
-dia selalu sedarkan saya kalau saya buat silap
-dia tempat saya meluahkan perasaan
- dia gila macam saya
-dia nak jadi macam saya

baru saya sedar :)... adik awklah yang terbaik bagi seorang kakak seperti saya ini....

Saturday, 5 March 2011

thank you my fren :)

alhamdulillah... saya dapat kawan2 yang begitu baik... korang ni memang kawan dunia akhirat... tak sangka akan jumpa korang dekat high school ;) haha... terima kasih sebab sokong kita dalam apa jua yang kita nak... :) korang memang best... and speacial thanks to these angel: aniebuchuk, fara ieda, and hazirah for writing about me in your blog... insyalah kalau saya popular suatu hari nanti dak2 nie takkan tertinggal dari vip pass haha... xoxo for budak yang sokong saya ya!

korang yang baca ni boleh apply untuk jadi penyokong saya juga :).... sayang korang <3

                                                                                                                                       <3 daydreamer

bye... prince charming :(

oh tidak!!!!!!!!!!! saya ada crush kat sorang mat saleh ni... identity dia biarlah selamanya rahsia... malu pulak kalau dia terbuka blog ni atau orang yang buka blog ni kenal dia... jatuh maruah kan? so better i keep the identity safe with me forever <3 it's safer... kalau korang nak tahu orang ni merupakan orang yang popular... kalau tak mana saya akan knal dia? saya memang da lama suka dia jarak umur? jauh... belasan tahun... hahaha tapi cinta itu buta kan...? saya suka dia dari umur saya 12 tahun kut... and then dia kapel ngan sorang lagi artis yang terkenal gak... tapi tak kesa sangat sebab manalah tahu dia akan berpisah ngan kapel dia tu dan dijodohkan dengan saya (perasan) tapi lepas dia putus tahu2 dia da kahwin ngan orang lain! oh no! he's totally ruin my castles!! totally! tapi takpalah sabar je la... mungkin kau dijodohkan dengan orang lain... masih jauh lagi perjalanan kau untuk memikirkan soal terikat dengan mana2 lelaki yang akan kau sayangi okay? tapi saya kan daydreamer tak salah kan kalau saya anggap dia milik saya?

Friday, 4 March 2011

i hate them very much because i love them very much
okay... melalui blog anie,korang akan dapat tahu yang sememangnya saya merupakan "paramore-die-hard-fans"  sebab dari umur 10 tahun di mana sya blum knal diorang lagi, saya pernah berangan-angan untuk ada band dan ciri2 band saya tu totaly sama macam paramore such a coincidence kan? sebabtu saya memang minat gila ngan diorang! okay kat bawah ni list persamaan ngan idola saya dalam bidang nyanyian iaitu penyanyi bagi paramore hayley williams:
1) jenis pakaian dia merupakan fesyen yang saya memang suka dari dulu
2) genre lagu dia memang lagu yang saya nak nyanyi apabila saya ada band
3) rambut dia...(except saya tak pernah terfikir untuk buat warna oren saya cuma nak kaler hijau sikit je depan tu)
4) perangai dia yang manja (orang cakap la saya manja)
5) perangai dia yang gila2
6) cara dia bergambar

so.... this is apa yang buat sya pikir dia ni macam bayangan saya sewaktu besar nanti chehhhh wahhhh!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

haha... missing this moment da!!!!!!!!!
me-kak zana-alya
waktu last day kak zana stay with us :(
kitaorang gi jusco nengok wayang cam orang gila saya gelak2 hahaha memang sakit hati sebab gembira sangat kut.... statement macamni memang korang kena biasa lau nak follow saya haha
saya pelik... tapi saya baik.... da cakap jangan judge sebelum kenal saya ya?
bestnya waktu ni... kak zana mang baik tak silap waktu ni dia belanja kut...lupa lak!

teringin rasanya nak kuar lagi!!!!!!!!!!
korang rasa nak apply tak kuar ngan saya? hahaha

a little about me... somehow

- i love who follow me
- i don't know how to decorate my page
- im not really sure about myblog
-i hate people who visit here but don't even give out the least they can do
- i love lyrics (gimme more!)
-okay... and i think im going to make a new blog (still not sure )

my blog my rules...