Sunday, 17 April 2011

broken hearted daydreamer-me

before you were fated with her....
i stand there waiting you all of these years
even thought i know you are just to far...
but who can tell what fate brings us on this year
and i know i have been dumped
when god tell you she's new but she's yours
and im old and i don't belong with you...
how i wanted to scream
to slap you on your wedding that day
but i know i can't because she was much more than me
and she cannot be blamed in these
so goodbye my prince
enjoy your trip to a happiness
well let me settled down with my sadness
but god, i need one thing before i go
let he read this and know
all these year i've been waiting for him
and how i can't stop loving him

last letter for my prince charming...