Friday, 3 June 2011

can we pretend everything?

can we pretend everything the way that we wanted? can we? lameo! that is just for a daydreamer like me! nah! if you want to join to be a daydreamer come inside my blog and dream it's free... being daydreamer actually helps us... a down person like me cheers up with a dream, even i know that it is so not going to happen but when you dream and feel it deeps you will find out you already build a big castle full of things you ever wanted! like me i keep dreaming being the-only-girl-vocallist in a band and i am in my castle but not reality that's why i hate to be back in reality everytime my name was called... how stupid was my dream but it suceed in making me smile right? then what about the "logic" reality? did they make us smile???? sometimes and it will turn out to be a simply shit... sorry i can't stop my fingers from writing logically this time.... i just wanna play music...that's all but i can't you see in the reality thing as simple as being a vocalist could be a hard thing!!!!!!!! that's why i think daydreamer should be me let me think i am a vocalist although it is sooooo not true........ i just wanna sing and let people admire me for my music...with my boyfriends as the guitarist drummer and bla bla bla.... ;lame? if you think so get your hell out of this post and bring your face away from the screen... for the one who thinks im right i think you were so right : ngeee...... bye hola! see you next post :p