Sunday, 17 July 2011

hot and talented? WHICH DO YOU PREFER???

have you ever think that sometimes you don't want to live for a reasons???
i do... you know i just getting lame with all stuff i got to face sometimes i feel like this world is just not fair repeated NOT FAIR!!!!! because as you always see in daily life who got the most attention? celebrity right????? and sometimes they are just getting annoying when fate sides them... duh! you don't have to be so boasty! why can't a normal persons full of hidden talent can't be as hot and as wanted as them?why? because you never see them in the television? is it? or is it they didn't look as preety as the celebrity? huh! put your head in the loo if you think like this! for me a person with talented things are hotter than beautiful persons.... beautiful persons didn't work to get their preetiness they just got them from their parents while a not preety person could be more than that! well.... you guys just didn't give them the chances  when you give them evil eyes and the blah blah! and the worst thing paranoid feeling... so i hope in this post you just understand the main thing i wanna tell you here compare the best and the rest you'll know later....