Tuesday, 31 May 2011

don't read this if you are happy person

boarding school?
what do you think......
-it's dumb?
-no way?
believe me i am feeling what you feel and honestly if im staying at that place for too long im going to lose myself somehow
i need nobody to tell me about it advantages and disadvantages now cause i already know right?
well at least i already have an experience didn't i and im proud about it
don't tell me "you proud?"
im going to answer "go to hell yo bitca!" easy huh?
im not telling you to be rude,,,, but im extremely telling you that:
every badness have it's kindness don't they?
they do.....
i've exprienced it myself...
-you will feel the family in you
-you are going to appreciated your friend until people call you lesbian (some people didn't understand :p)
-you are going to feel the love
-gossip like the main talk (not all people love to do that
-you will see so many type of people that you'll never regret
hahaha don't ask me what i feel
im okay with it.... it's just you know everybody prefer being in their own nest... so do me... and if i could i would choose for not staying in the boarding school for too long without my mummy infront of me never!